Fun Of Food

When we talk of food on a hungry stomach, it is not always about getting stuffed. We also look for having some good time. This could be with friends and family or even a time when we want to treat ourselves. Such moments are quite an occurrence in current times. Therefore, the hearts crave street food Delhi very often. For the most wholesome experience only a few food stands out and chole bhature is certainly one of them. A known favourite, chole bhature needs no introduction. For decades it has been a staple and in case you want the best to reach out to you, look no further than Sitaram Diwanchand.

Chole bhature, the fried delight is so tempting that you are possibly going to find it hard to resist. Nothing can satisfy your hunger for long hours than chole bhature. In this addition of taste and spice, there is also the flavour of authenticity which has been developed over the years from Sitaram Diwacnchand. Unlike other bhatures that are fried to the core, we have kept the demand and concerns of health conscious people. Hence, we dole out tawa bhature which are shallow whilst keeping the richness of the bhature well. And yes you can also get the cottage cheese stuffing in each of your bite.

There is no artistry involved in making chole bhature and yet you need to get your act because the perfection in question is that of consistent taste. Hence, there is no compromise in the generous use of spices for the chole and keep on trying till we get the perfect golden brown bhature. After all, we are here to serve not only the food but also the legacy which has grown over the years by the love all the foodies in town. Bon Appetit!

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