Getting Back In Action For Your Taste’s Satisfaction

The current year has been hard on all of us; the less we talk of it the better. While it is still not the right time to put down your guard, a vent is definitely needed. And what can be more satisfying than having your favourite online lunch order of chole bhature on your table? Sounds too good, right. Well, that is the power of a delectable food like chole bhature that never fails to satiate your hunger and incrase your cravings to have mor of it. As we keep on saying; the people of the national capital and their love for chole bhature is nothing less than a romantic ballad interwoven with intricate taste of spices.

Chole bhature is the food for one and all. It needs no introduction. People barge in to get this famous street food in delhi simply because of its consistent taste, easy availability and the sheer worth it has for every penny spent. Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature is one of the most sought after street food in delhi which has gained fame and high reputation for serving food with prime hygiene. With the ongoing pandemic crisis still looming large, we are now more cautious than ever to ensure high safety standards.

A plate of chole bhature combines the punch of all the flavors and this is exactly what sets the tone for a wholesome food option. What’s more? It is an “all-time” food meaning it gels extremeley well as a breakfast, lunch and even for dinner. Moreover, if you have a big celebration around the corner, and you wish to keep it most grounded to the desi flavor then chole bhature is second to none. With our continued efforts to reach new heights in doling out tasty food, we only hope to reach the levels of your satisfaction and continue to move even further from our spectacular journey of four decades and counting!

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