Have A King Size Breakfast Of Chole Bhature!

Breakfast is king of meals, a fact we all know. As Indians, we have a bevy of food choices. There is a breakfast for champions and there is a breakfast which champions the taste of the foodies. A plate of chole bhature is the latter and how. The teasingly spicy chole and the gorgeously brown bhature is a combination that can rarely be missed by a lover of famous street food in delhi. A bite of the bhatura is a smooth transition of food melting in your mouth. Add to that the chola with thick gravy which makes it a pure decadence. And don’t forget the lingering taste of mint chutney, pickles and salad made of spiced chilli and onion.

The Indian food habits are surprisingly open to experimentations and equally conservative when it comes to opting them for breakfast. Since breakfasts are always meant to be the important meal which should also give refreshing tastes. If you are in Delhi, there is no better place to head out to than Sitaram Diwanchand. Let’s face it. The number of people looking to have their breakfast on the go is on the rise. With such hustle and the need to get some good food, Sitaram Diwanchand has been in service for decades now.

Chole bhature can never be written off as the famous street food in delhi as well. We see hundreds of people swarming to get their food from our outlet in the heart of Old Delhi. This alone is more than enough of a testament that the taste has been loved and passed on to generations of chole bhature lovers as recommendations.

That is enough of talk! It is time you head out to grab your breakfast at our outlet. Better still, order online and skip the long line!

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