Hunger And Thirst Vanishes With Sitaram Diwanchand’s Gourmet Offerings

Food is more than just a need which has to be filled everyday but the taste of what you eat is equally mandatory. Speaking more on the food, you also need some refreshing beverage which cools you down, right? If you want these two boxes to be checked, you have Sitaram Diwanchand as your best option for famous food in Delhi.  A plate of brilliantly prepared chole bhature, and a glass of lassi to top it off defines the perfect Delhi food. So there is no way you can give this dish a miss.

On a very challenging day when you are all hungry and perspiring due to the heat, Sitaram Diwanchand restaurant could well be the same as an oasis in the middle of the desert! And just in case you are trapped in between your work pressure and phone inside your cubicle, launch the online lunch order and we would do the rest. Such is the ease with which you can have your food at your table that it can surely wither all your stress whilst you enjoy eating your wholesome. If you choose to walk in to our restaurant, the experience of slicing the bhature and scooping the hot plus zesty chole is going to be as good.

Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole does have the unquestionable legacy that has continued over the years but we still keep our basics very much the same; that we always serve and improvise as per the aspirations and demands of the customers. For quite a lot of time we were aware of the clamor that our celebrated chole bhature needs the right accompaniment which shall make the eatables more enjoyable. Hence we introduced the most desi drink of lassi made with fresh curd and true Punjabi style. And if that seems like the only option you have to take, you are wrong! We have simultaneously brought kulfi sticks into the menu which adds even more variations in tastes with three desirable and luscious flavors. About time you stopped slurping and go ahead with order food online Delhi.

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