Increased Safety And Best Tracking For Your Order

What was just a place for doling out the famous street food delhi has now become a well guarded place against any kind of unwanted infections. While Sitaram Diwan Chand was always very particular about food safety and hygiene, the arrangements have been made tighter keeping in mind the increased safety concern. Rest assured, your favourite chole bhature’s taste is not going to take a hit! It is because the craft of making the chole bhature has remained the same over the decades. It is time you let your worries move aside and bring forward your plate of chole bhature.

Ever since the ease of restrictions has been announced, people are having a hankering to have their favourite delicacies. But some of are too cautious and others are too paranoid to step out. So the best way is to meet in the middle and go for online lunch delivery. There is more than just a reason to get your food delivered at home. For starters, why bother coming all the way when you have just a phone app do all the hardwork? With our app, you can have all your orders placed and track in real time. This would certainly help you in keeping your hunger from getting haywire!

Next, our zero contact delivery ensures that you do not have any direct involvement in picking your order. Our delivery partners are keeping up with the norms of social distancing and safety is maintained in the best possible way. All our orders are seal packed using the containers that are manufactured using high quality materials. All in all, you are in an absolute win-win situation. Let us face it; it is difficult to fetch a bulk order all by yourself. So keep the faith on us and keep the good food coming!

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