Independence Of Taste

The word “independence” has many connotations. For some, it is the state of affairs wherein they can lead things the way they want whereas for others it is all about enjoying the simple things in life. This also includes the food we eat. For instance, a group of people watch what they eat and the other group eats whatever they watch! If you are from the group of the latter then perhaps you can never let the chance of having street food delhi anytime. Street food in Delhi is symbolized by chole bhature. The best known dish in town has only destination; Sitaram Diwanchand.

We started this journey courtesy Sitaram Diwanchand ji without any forethought. Rather it was a struggle to get over the hardships of life by bringing the good old Punjabi chole bhature with a smile. Years passed on and so did the decades. But what remained a constant was the affinity of people for our chole bhature made in the simplistic way to give the most delectable dish. Over the period of time, chole bhature became the emotion of the town. Hence, we make sure that the very essence of soft bhature and zesty chole stay the same as it were three decades ago.

As we are set to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day, it is time to let the freedom of choice in taste unfurl. We all have been in a state of despair over the months. But this Independence Day can still be a special one with our resolve to enjoy every online lunch order by adding safety in its prime. This way, we can have a way forward which can ensure an order of happiness and relief. So let us buckle up celebrate the independence day to mark a new beginning to triumph the extraordinary challenge.

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