It Is Time To Make Lunch Sublime

For Indians, the food for lunch is rather important. Perhaps even more than breakfast as most of the people are in a rush and can hardly eat the first meal of the day to their heart’s content. Moreover, if you are in your office then lunch is the time which makes room for a small hangout. Hence, we all want the food to be the best. There are times when the homemade food does not ring a bell or maybe one fails to get the lunch cooked on time. That is when the online lunch order comes in.

Among all the choices of food, a plate of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwan Chand comes the closest to being a substitute of homemade fresh food. The chole bhature has been an integral part of Delhi’s food culture; So much so that the very mention of chole bhature becomes too great a choice to gorge on. Without a doubt, the plate of chole bhature sets the tone. But how about adding the chill of a glass of freshly made lassi? That is right. Now you have the desi and the most traditional lassi to accompany the spicy chole.

Needless to say that the lassi is the oldest and one of the healthiest drinks available. Add to that the soaring temperature which makes us feel parched almost every now and again. So a glass of lassi whilst you face the heat of both the climate and spices of the chole can be the reprieve you would probably want. And if you are the one who has a thing for dessert then a kulfi stick is surely something which can make you go wow. Available in flavours like pistachio, chocolate etc, the traditional dessert can always make you happy. There you are! Your best combination of the most satisfying lunch option is here.

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