It’s Celebration time! Sitaram Diwanchand Joins Hands with Justmyroot for Pan India Delivery

A friend or your relatives makes a visit to Delhi and gorges on the taste of Sitaram Diwanchand’s famous chole bhature. He posts filtered pictures and quite a lot of selfies posing with the inviting dish. And here you are languishing in your home with the “I wish I were there” thoughts. The chole bhature, though you did not taste, is very much palpable to your taste buds. Sounds agonizing, right? Not anymore. Because we, the makers of best food in Delhi have now tied up with Justmyroots, the e-commerce app which renders its service of direct from home or DFH. This app allows us to send food to the major metropolitan cities all over India.

No wonder this is a massive reason to celebrate such partnership which is going to fulfill the wishes of foodies in all parts of India who are yet to visit our restaurant in Old Delhi to enjoy the savory dish. Let’s know more of our new friend Justmyroots, the most unique food delivery app in town. It has joined forces with the chole bhature behemoth Sitaram Diwanchand very recently. If a foodie residing outside of the capital city fond of our chole bhature wants to have a bite, they can order the same on Justmyroots straightaway. Bam and here we work in a coordinated make sure the chole bhature reaches your destination city in the quickest possible time.

Gone are the times when you have to crave the best food in delhi just because you are separated by miles of distance. We now give you the most accomplished dish ever. No sir, there is absolutely no room for sending stale food in our online lunch order just because we are miles apart. You get the same level of hygiene, freshness and the irresistible taste of chole bhature which you gorge on while visiting our outlet.

So let’s have a drum roll and unveil the magic of receiving chole bhature across major cities in India with Justmyroots. We know you love the taste and hence our amazing food alliance is worth rooting for!

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