Let The Chole Bhature Sizzle With Its Taste

The summers are well and truly in and the mercury is soaring slowly but surely! The hustles are likely to get intense and perhaps the only saving grace would to be to get your hands on famous street food in Delhi. However, it is nothing but far-fetched to think about stepping out due to the obvious threat of the COVID19 pandemic that has gripped the entire world. What is also true is the fact that all is not lost for the food lovers who are yearning for Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature every now and again.

Because of the online lunch order available on the website and on our official app, we can deliver the chole bhature just like before and that too by exercising all caution and safety protocols. Once the orders are packed, there is simply no compromise on maintaining cleanliness and maintaining the practices of sanitization. Our cooking area is kept tidy all throughout and all the workers are checked in due time to ensure that the entire process is safe and fuss free. We always underline the fact that our loyal foodie best is never denied of something fresh to eat and with this major hazard hovering around us, we have made the production and delivery of the chole bhature even more meticulous.

The food craziness in our country is huge and there are very few things that contain us. That being said, the present scenario is rather serious and hence you are highly advised to stay indoors and enjoy your online lunch order instead. Everyone is in the wait to step out, feel the buzz and see the city bustling like before and so do we. For now, it is time you got your smartphone and order your plate of chole bhature.

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