Let The Simmering Chole And Bhature Rule Your Food Menu Again

The moment that we all have been waiting for has finally started to show up albeit there are still some limitations. But why let that be a barrier to enjoy the famous street food you have craving since months now? After all chole bhature is part of our food menu and most importantly in the food culture of our country. The ultimate bread and chole combo is something which few would give a miss to. Moreover, we at Sitaram Diwanchand give you the taste of chole bhature which has been part of the food legacy in delhi.

Chole bhature’s preparation is a rather neat process with lots of kneading and simmering! Your fluffy bhature is prepared with the finest quality of all purpose flour whereas the chole is prepared with fresh chickpeas at highest heat along with the handpicked spices to give you the most homely taste. Therefore, you are in for a delight without bothering your mum to undergo a long process of chole bhature preparation. With our online lunch order back in action, there is no looking anywhere else for an authentic chole bhature to satiate your craving of months.

Despite the ongoing challenge, we have to come to terms to the fact that life has to move on. In continuation to our effort to always put the customer priority of the forefront, our delivery system has been revised with even more caution and precision. As such, we are making our seal packed food delivery even safer with the following of the contactless delivery. To people who are on the go, they can pick their order in the takeaway mode without bothering of jam packed crowd or gathering. Thus with this sense of togetherness, we can enjoy the classic policy of give and take wherein we give our best so you can take home the taste that has been marked for decades.

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