Let Us Grin Over Some Delicious Food Again

Delicious food is always a mood maker. With all the trouble and fright for months which is still lingering, it is more than an opportune moment for an online lunch order. So why not add a plate of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand? We take it you or someone close to you, a foodie, must have ached for months now. After all chole bhature is something that most of us think twice about making for the sheer class and intricacies in cooking involved.

Thus our chole bhature is your safe bet anyday. And the best part is that you can get it all at your home’s luxury. Chole or chana bhature from Sita Ram Diwan Chand has resonated with the Delhi’s foodie tribe over decades and the love has not faded one bit. All thanks to their support and our perseverance to be the best, there is no dearth for your chole bhature cravings. In addition, we have the refreshing drinks and cold kulfi sticks to quench the rather unexpected summer vibes. With just one order at an unbeatable price, you are probably looking at hitting two birds with one stone!

Over the months, we have been left with nothing but to brood and hope for the best. Now that something of a fresh breeze has arrived in the form of some ease in restrictions, let us celebrate some good food over good conversation. Putting a simple order online on our app, you get exactly what you pay for or perhaps more. Because the taste his imperious, and so is the delivery which has been the heart and soul of our operations.

Maybe we do not know what is there to come, maybe we are just being riddled with despair. But one thing is for sure; we can always grin over our problems and let it go of with a plate of chole bhature.

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