Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Our Delivery Boys Who Brave It All

The heat is beyond the level of tolerance for every single person out there. It has taken a toll on people’s life in every sphere including the food eating habits. But as they say, life has to move on. It certainly has to as far as the delivery boys of Sitaram Diwanchand are concerned. Yes, the same delivery boys who cover many kilometers a day to serve your online lunch order. More often than not it is the taste of our chole bhature which our patrons relish but it are our dedicated delivery boys who are the real unsung heroes letting you gorge on delicious dish.

Back in the day Sitaram Diwanchand operated in the most traditional way. It all started with food cart with Siataram Diwanchand being the lieutenant and also the standing soldier braving the intense heat of Delhi summers. If not for the sheer passion to deliver the most authentic taste of home cooked food to every passerby, the journey would not have lasted for this time. After the efforts for decades, the success of Sitaram’s chole bhature has been tremendous both in terms of financial gains and the mass adulation received from commoners and food critics alike.

Fast forward in today’s time, the world has embraced technology in all walks of life. So how does food delivery stay behind? As opposed to other eateries that rely upon other food apps, Sitaram has its own app for taking online orders. Soon as the orders are received, our delivery boys are up to the task of sending your dish of chole bhature soon. Come what may, they do not duck from their commitment. And this has also been the case for Sitaram Diwanchand as one of the pioneers in the Delhi’s food industry. So the next time when our hard working delivery boy arrives with an order, be sure to receive the order with a smile!

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