Lingering Taste of Chole Bhature

Food from all over the world has their signature taste and typicality that can be an instant hit among people. There is no dearth of cuisine that can wow the foodies for the amount of innovation or the sheer presentation skill that they pack. But is that all? Many a time this may not suffice to most of us as the taste may not be what one would expect. Likewise, there are proven street food in Delhi which can literally awaken your taste buds. A plate of chole bhature is one such dish that every Indian loves to have regardless of what time it is served.

It has been observed that most of the eating options for a food have issues with regard to the portions. But that is certainly not the case with chole bhature which is a beautiful balance of something tasty as well as nutritious. A complete diet in itself, chole bhature has been the bestseller across Delhi’s every nook and corner. The popularity has only been soaring in all parts of the country as more and more people have been giving in to the spiced chole with a hint of tang coupled with bhature that look like white wonders on the plate.

Sitaram Diwanchand is unarguably known as the chief architect of preparing the most identifiable chole bhature which has captivated the taste buds of many generations starting from the 80’s. In our journey over the years, we have not only made tastiest chole bhature but also a very admirable bond with the entire foodie tribe of Delhi. When you grab a coupon/token before collecting your order, we treat it as a reassuring fact that our legacy, hard work and the skills of making the best chole bhature is getting the due appreciation. Moments like these are very rare in food industry which is largely operating in the franchisee model to woo the latest pack of customers. Hence, we consider this association a big plus and the driving force for our business.

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