Make A Rainy Day Your Yummy Day With Chole Bhature

The sky wears an overcast condition with a cloud cover and a cold breeze to follow. Suddenly the drizzle turns into downpour and the weather becomes most pleasant. Such is the magic of the rains in the monsoon that people can’t help but gloat over having an unexpected holiday. By the way, is that all? No, if it is raining in the subcontinent, we reach to our mother to cook us some fries after prancing around. But if you are with a group of friends or stuck in your paying guest accommodation far from home, it is just impossible to do some cooking. So do not let your monsoon fun get mellow and go for an online lunch order of chole bhature.

Chole bhature is like an epitome for monsoon food, the one which is surely a builder of an awesome mood with its flavor. As it gets slightly cold due to the deluge, a simmering hot bowl chole with steaming bhature can surely highlight how awesome the day would be with a good weather and a stuffed tummy. When it comes to chole bhature, Sitaram Diwanchand has always been the go-to restaurant to every Delhite over the years. Whether it is the taste or the kind of patronage it has got for many people over the years, we have always been recommended. As a versatile dish of Northern India, the chole bhature needs no introduction. But if you are looking for bhature stuffed with cottage cheese the Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature definitely deserves your attention!

Now coming to the most obvious question which must have popped up into your mind after reading this far; how on earth can you visit our restaurant on a rainy day with all the traffic snarls and waterlogging. Worry not. You need not. You can order fast food online using our app which is readily available on android and iOS devices. No more is the distance going to deny you the tasty delicacy that we have been serving with the sole motive to give you the most satisfying experience in terms of taste and money’s worth. So pull out your smartphone and not an umbrella to enjoy the taste which is going to gush over your dry dry taste buds. Happy Rainy Season!

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