Make Cheat Days Delicious In Every Bite With A Plate Of Chole Bhature

All right folks, we got you. You are on a mission of attaining fitness and live on high protein diets all along. Having a sweet tooth is a bane and skipping your workout session is a crime. But hold your horses! Is there not something called a cheat day that even the strictest trainer and a very stiff diet plan give you as window? If you do why not use to it order the best food in Delhi for online lunch order? Best food and the capital city of Delhi is synonymous with just one stellar dish; Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature.

That is right. Chole bhature is one heck of a dish which will blow your mind with the combines chickpeas cooked in a selection of masalas and a fluffy bread known as bhature deep fried in oil. Needless to say you get a taste that you will crave again and again. We have always been the frontrunners when it comes to doling out the best chole bhature in the house. It is not a new found success for us. Rather we gave this pursuit for excellence our heart and soul since the 70’s. The journey for us has always been incredible and each day has only added to our learning curve.

It is well and truly understood by us that many people of the current lot are heavily invested in fitness with an uncompromised attitude. Though, we appreciate their dedication and discipline, we would also like them to go easy on their action plan. Cheat day, as the term suggest is that one day in the entire month wherein you can excuse your fitness goals for a sumptuous meal which could be anything from chole bhature or a nice kulfi stick. Let’s face it, the relation with food or the connection for that matter is more psychological in nature than satisfying your hunger pangs. The next time you bar yourself from eating the food you crave, just yourself a question? Would you be able to stay focused in your fitness goals if you did not have your favorite to eat once in a blue moon?  So time now to shed those thoughts. Make no mistake; one plate of chole bhature will not ruin your entire dietary plan. The trick lies in maintaining your intake whilst not demonizing a dish with lip smacking taste!

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