Make The Boring Work Fun With A Plate Of Chole Bhature

It is known to all that the long hours at work literally suck the life out of a person. And if you have been given the brief to extend your work hour till late at night, it is a full blown crisis to say the least! Therefore, a nice plate of food is the only saving grace. More precisely a plate of famous delhi food. And we very well know which food has been enjoying this sobriquet for many years. It is the fiery dish of chole bhature by Sitaram Diwanchand which has been winning hearts of thousands of foodies in Delhi.

Even half a decade back the very thought of having your food late at night was a wishful thinking. Not anymore, at least when you decide to order from u. For we have an excellent arrangement for delivery and order food online with the introduction of our app on mobile platforms on Android and iOS devices. This gives you the opportunity to get your food without stepping out of the cubicle, which by the way brings in lots of questions and query mails in an overtly disciplined office.

Chole bhature is one heck of a fulfilling dish to say the least. It has all the elements to keep your taste buds engaged till the final bite. A fully accomplished dish in itself, Sitaram Diwanchand has also added the goodies of cottage cheese stuffing which adds to the overall taste of the bhature. If you happen to be the one who wants to make the eating experience a wholesome experience, be sure to add a glass of chilled lassi to your cart. The cool and refreshing drink made of pure curd is a must-have after consuming the simmering and spicy chole. You might also want to cool your nerves down before taking the workload of the long night.

It could be one night or even a week full of night shifts for you and your colleague. But for us, this is an ever going process which goes round the year. The efforts we put in are not for the riches in wealth, neither is it for the rave reviews that the self-made food critic pen down or podcast. It is only for the ultimate contentment of our patron who feel that they have gotten their money’s worth for their last placed order.

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