Make The Most Of Monday Mornings

Mondays are usually associated with hangovers and the sheer apathy to report at work and showing up for early morning classes in college. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The best food in Delhi for breakfast has to be chole bhature and this can give a great start to your day. Many believe that chole bhature could be grossly spices but in reality it is hardly a factor for a foodie who is looking to get over his/her woes of starting a day filled with challenges. Because the taste is simply mind blowing!

Chole bhature is a perfect recipe with the right blend of spicy and fried component of foods which complement each other. The fluffy bhature is prepared with artistic skill so the fried output stays crispy on the outside and soft from within. And if you get the chance to tear into a freshly fried un, the sight of heat getting slowly evaporated will delight you in more ways than one. Chole or spiced chickpeas, on the other hand, is like a celebration of taste in its own. What more can be more satiating than having one serving of chole which has been chosen with handpicked spices?

Chole can make even a bland chapatti taste good with its reasonably fiery taste of spices let alone the bhature which are a stellar already! Love for food knows no bounds and we at Sita Ram Diwan Chand know this very well. Hence, we have always tried to churn out chole bhature which sparks a sense of home cooked food in every bite. It is the same taste which binds the foodies together. So if you are struggling to start your day on a high note, it is time to head to our outlet or simply order food online.

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