Making Flavours Do Their Job

Chole bhature may be a simple looking dish with little to no intricacies but the fact is exactly the opposite. The delectable chole is not your average chickpeas mixed with a few spices. These spices are handpicked at Sitaram Diwan Chand’s restaurant to give you the authentic flavour which we are known for the last four decades. Chole bhature is a classic combination of bread and chickpeas that has all the flavours combined to make a dish which is complete! More than the flavours, it is the consistency which holds the key for an ideal plate of chole bhature.

Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature has earned fame over the decades all thanks to the hard work and the equally kind feedback by our customers time and again. This has made our chole bhature restaurant a name to rely upon for online lunch order. But this was not the case at the time we embarked on a rather difficult journey. Back then Sitaram Diwanji toiled everyday with nothing but his food cart to sell the chole bhature. With a humble set up, he served the most extraordinary tasting chole bhature that struck a chord among the foodies in and around. With change in time, Sitaram ji’s earnest efforts bore fruits and reached the heights of success,

The restaurant has done its best to keep this legacy intact whilst keeping the demands of changing times as well. Thus we thrive on inclusive growth instead of making inane innovations that end up becoming failures. Another important aspect to our dishes is the fact that they still approach through the traditional path of making the flavours do their job! So if you are in for the most amazing traditional chole bhature in the world of failed innovations, this is the place to be and this is where you can eat to your heart’s content without much guilt.

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