Making The Joy Of Food Shine Bright

Amidst the turbulent times, there have been very few things that stood tall. For us, the people of India, it has to be the celebration spree and to live life to the full despite being driven against the wall. Diwali, the festival of lights too has something of a similar connect which has made its proceedings even more significant this year. Add to that the festivals always have food as one of the vital cogs. If you happen to be one of those foodies who feels like the overdose of sweets are killing your mood, we are her for your rescue with our servings of chole bhature, a dish which wins it all in the territory of famous street food delhi.

Though a dish straight from the alleys of Old Delhi, Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature has found a place in every home and online lunch order. There are traditionalists and there are also contemporary foodies. And yet Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature has never really been affected by the divide. The reason is that we have reinvented the dish each time it looked like chole bhature is turning mundane.

With the festival of lights to light up your lives, we offer chole bhature to spice up your taste buds! While the very mention of spice can send chills to some, we can assure you that we use spices in the most balanced manner to keep your belly full and your appetite craving some more of the chole bhature.

In what is the year’s high in terms of spending some good time and celebrating the much coveted festival of Diwali, let there be no despair; for we are very much on course to achieving the victory over this torrid period of our lives. As for now let us relish the taste of chole bhature!

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