Ready To Eat-Easily Available

That is how you define the best food in Delhi, right? As do we. The definition of food need not be complicated terms of tastes and intricacies that go in its cooking. Sometimes we must also give due credit the ease-of-availability factor which has become synonymous in today’s fast paced world. As chole bhature is the most famous food in delhi hands down, it is not surprising to see that people are always gaga over grabbing their plate at our outlet. And this is what defines a ready to eat food. Prepping chole bhature especially when you have the banging hunger pangs in your stomach is the last thing you want to do. The need is to have an extraordinary food in quick time.

So, head out to our outlet which has been serving the finest chole bhature which has defined the food culture in Delhi for several decades. By ready to eat, we do not mean it has been processed and cooked overnight. What we want to say is that our chole bhature shall be served almost instantly the moment you step in the shop. With a freshly fried bhature and brewing chole to gorge on, you get exactly what you wanted for your hunger.

Sitaram Diwanchand has catered to the food lovers for many years and it shall continue to do so since we believe food is the doorway to winning hearts. Chole bhature, hence, can be the sweet spot of the ultimate taste. It is largely for the fact that chole bhature are the most Indian food to have in the tastiest avatar. Compared to the average flattened bread, bhature tastes divinely soft in the fried form. And the delicacy just keeps getting better with the accompaniments like pickle and a glass of lassi that drips down your throat to refresh your experience of the meal that you would surely order the next time.

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