Relax! We Have Your Chole Bhature Covered With Safety

Needless to say, there is a state of absolute panic due to the COVID19 pandemic which has made many people think absolutely negatively. There has been a slump in activity in almost all spheres of life. In spite of this, one has to agree to the fact that some things have are indispensable. And this goes for the for the online lunch order particularly well. Sitaram Diwanchand, the famous chole bhature corner deep into the heart of the city understands your concern causing the scare and hence it is continuing to do its best to calm the nerves of the people who have rather gone on panic mode.

First things first, we as makers of famous street food in Delhi have always been stickler for cleanliness and hygiene. The same has been reflected by us over the years with the way we function. Therefore, we have been doing all the needful to train and educate our delivery agents even more about the cleanliness and the hygiene which is needed to be implemented. As such they are always relentlessly being trained on how to maintain the best practices. We are also advising them to maintain social distancing the moment they show symptoms of flue like sore throat, fever etc.

Food is the basic requirement of every human being on a daily basis and some people also go far as maintaining their taste. Unfortunately, the same is not possible for people who are living on their own and battle it out every day with the stress of work and studies. To make sure, they do not suffer, Sitaram Diwanchand preps the food to perfection and delivers them with the facility of online lunch. Each and every plate of chole bhature is packed pristinely by using the best available packaging material to keep your food safe from infection. So it is now time you let your nerves settle and gorge on a plate of chole bhature!

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