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The biggest boon in the present times has to be online lunch order. So much do that even the most active of a person would like to sit back and get the food delivered to him. And when you have your favorite dish of chole bhature from Sitaram Diwanchand delivered at your doorstep, the deal only gets sweeter. For decades tasty food enthusiasts have literally made beeline out of our shop located in Old Delhi but now with changing times, we have decided to go the road taken by our valued customers who just do not like to stand in the queue for long hours.

Understandably, to order fast food online is a very practical solution for let’s say a small meet up or hang outs with friends at home. And if the majority of the vote goes to chole bhature of ours, it’d still be something of a fancy if the larger group votes out the idea to exit the house. It is precisely for this conundrum and laze that we have stepped forward to offer our order food online services which can let you enjoy a simmering plate of chole bhature by resting with your folded legs!

With our dedicated team of delivery boys, no order is left to wander too long. Traffic permitting, we are always on time. Because we know what it is like to distract the mind from a bowl full of chole smelling divine and combined with the fluffiest bhature which is topped off with pickles in the other corner. With so many inviting delicacies all at once, we always take it by our stride to reach at the earliest. The process we follow is pretty simple; dole out the best, set out to deliver your order, reach out bang on time and walk out as satisfied with the process as our customer when they get what they were waiting for.

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