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Cooking meals is nothing short of a test that can push your energy and patience to the wall. We find more reasons not to cook and have some food ordered instead. But to get best food in delhi, there are some choices to be made. More often than not the choices are dictated by how much you are willing to spend and how much is charged. Therefore, it all comes down to eating the most cost-effective dish with no compromise on the taste. And if that is what defines your anticipated order then chole bhature is the answer.

A plate full of chole bhature not only keeps you well fed for quite a substantial amount of time but it also can be easy on the pocket. Chole bhature is no stranger to an average or even a below par foodie. They are known to be an exceptionally salivating dish which has the goodness of chickpeas and spices which makes the smoothest tasting food that one can think of. But there seems to be a catch when you want to have them in a given point of time. The home delivery can leave you in a fix as most of the outlets do not offer one.

Thankfully Sitaram Diwanchand is one of the few outlets for chole bhature which does let you to have the flexibility to order food online delivery. This gives you the opportunity to gorge on chole bhature almost day in and day out. Making this even easier is our extremely swift service across the city which ensures that your wait is not too long unless the inadvertent crashes in. As for coming back on the issue of what it costs, we would like to highlight the fact that we have always strived on delivering food which reaches the taste buds of majority whenever they are in the mood for some good food!

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