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Food is bound to be good regardless of the form in which it comes. It is the source that satiates your appetite and lets you enjoy your time to the full. Even the astute food eaters do not find it too guilty an act when they choose to indulge their taste buds to the famous street food in Delhi. Just think of one thing though. Would it not be awesome if get a plate of chole bhature whilst sitting at your home or when it is too late to venture out to get your plate of chole bhature. Of course, it’d be, right? Well, there you have it. We have our very own online lunch order to fall back on. Chole bhature can never be written off from the food menu of the Delhi and thus there has to be a way out to reach out to those hungry chole bhature lovers, right?

And this is precisely why Sitaram Diwan Chand has the online lunch order service made specially for you. It is all but a saving grace for many in this challenging time of lockdown to get their takeaway order from us. Sitaram Diwan Chand’s restaurant is open to one and all to place their delivery during the working hours. Then there are also our delivery boys who are battling the odds to reach to you just so you are not denied of the best street food in Delhi, which is chole bhature. The effort of our delivery boys give you the luxury of sitting back and unwrap the box of chole bhature which has been weaving magic for the past four decades. The ever delicious taste is what the regulars like and charm the first tome eaters with the precision in tastes.

The taste journey of Sitaram Diwan Chand has seen it all. Yet the present challenge looks grave anyway. Nevertheless, we do not believe that all is lost and we are definitely going to trump the situation. All that is needed is the spirit to stand up together and beat this pandemic with a strong resolve!

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