Sitaram Diwanchand Is Now Appealing To The Taste Across The Continents

It takes a lot of effort to be in the populist choice for food. But it takes nothing less than a remarkable amount of dedication, risk taking ability and the right amount of strategizing of the plans. The food market is fiercely competitive. The bar gets even higher when a brand is aiming to get foothold in the category of the famous street food in delhi. But Sitaram Diwanchand, as a business, has always taken on all the challenges which have been put to them. The sky has always been our limit.

From being a food vending section in the 70’s with nothing but minimal investment, we became Delhi’s most loved makers of chole bhature, a dish that the entire country is now going by. Chole bhature is a beautiful Indian dish which reflects both the cultural ethos as well as the completeness in the Indian diet. Sitaram Diwanchand is also the name for making interesting innovations, whether it is the stuffing of grated cheese (paneer) or the inclusion of refreshing drink to make the entire affair even more satiating. The innovations have not only checked all the right boxes but it has also caught the attention for people of all ethnicities and culture.

Delhi, the national capital of India has always seen thousands of tourists swarming in the city. At the same time, it is also the home to a sizable amount of foreign diplomats, expats and businessman. With the rise of social media, we have reached to the people to all parts of the world who pay a visit to our outlet in the by-lanes of Old Delhi. This only goes to show that the love for good food knows no boundaries and specialization of cuisines.

We see not only the locals but also a fairly growing number of people from abroad who come to grab a quick bite of our tasty chole bhature combo. Indian cuisine has very much conquered the world with the intricacies with which it uses the spices and gives plenty to cheer for in the vegetarian platter. So it is time you too get a taste of the best food in delhi.

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