Sitaram Diwanchand; Racing Ahead With Old Taste And Innovation

Innovation is a buzzword that has been used to death in the world of culinary. Few people care of the fact that the first which a famished gastronomic foodie would look for in the online lunch order is the relatable taste. In other words they are more likely to choose a food that gets the job of filling them done. The world of food and cuisine has always been at odds to trump one another. And if the field of battle is as big as the capital of India, it is definitely going to be a fight to the finish.

Sitaram Diwanchand is perhaps the only famous food in delhi which is still very relevant and still going strong. The reasons are more than one. For starters, Sitaram ji, the man behind the famous chole bhature was not exactly driven by much of commercial intentions in the initial phase. The objective was to give the Delhites the taste of chole bhature which eases onto their mouth and sears in the imagination for some time. It was hardly expected that the response would be as overwhelming as we look back our journey that started on a food cart and is continuing with a fully operational restaurant.

Innovation is something which we despise but we always like to innovate in a way that makes the transition very smooth and does not make our valued patrons apathetic toward our long-celebrated food. Thus we have kept the taste of chole bhature just the way it was and gave more attention to making meals a comprehensive affair.

Therefore, to make the spiced up meal a sweet deal, we have added the thunder of fresh lassi and kulfi sticks which would keep the temperature chilled out all through the eating sessions. So if you are planning to have a food that gives you immense satisfaction with the kind of quirky twist that you have been looking for, head out to the destination of famous delhi food.

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