Sitaram Diwanchand, The Heavy-Duty Shop Of Complete Food

When the world sits pretty in a comfortable spot, we are engaged with the daily hustle of delivering what is virtually impossible; the best food in delhi; also a food that you can relish without looking at your pocket or worrying much for your tummy’s motion. This is Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature, the dish which is in everyone’s dish as long as they are not adopting a mundane lifestyle and food which is even hard to look at. If it is chole bhature which gets the title of “all time food” in your books, you are more than welcome to try out our famed chole bhature that has only grown in popularity and repute.

It is not just the few loyal patrons that we serve these days. With the technological leaps in the form of online lunch order, we have grown exponentially in delivering the plates of chole bhature to the people in their respective destinations. This is done not just for joining the bandwagon; we do it with complete dedication to stand up for the patrons. The hard work that goes behind creating chole bhature is not a flash in the pan. Rather it has been a continuous process to evolve and elevate the taste and the other necessary standards which are sought after by foodies across all ages.

Churning out almost 1k plates of chole bhature is no easy job. It gets even tougher when a dish has already gone up in stature to the point that it becomes a staple diet of many Delhites and people of other ethnicities as well. There is no point in bragging for a food which has made an association with people over the years. Hence, we literally believe in establishing a healthy relationship with the customers so that our restaurant becomes a go-to outlet for every food enthusiast. Moreover, we have always been upbeat of taking criticism by our side. The motto is simple; to let our skills and best of the resources put into actions so you get the best food as an outcome.

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