Sitaram Diwanchand’s Chole Bhature; The Perfect Starter For Sundays

After going through all the toil and rigorous work throughout the week, a walk to the kitchen to cook breakfast is the last thing that anyone would like to do. Besides, the breakfast on a Sunday is very likely to be pushed to the hours when we eat brunch!

Therefore, to stop yourself and your family from cribbing for food, Sitaram Diwanchand gives you the ease to Order food online. So no more confusion to figure what you should be cooking on Sunday; rather you can enjoy your quality with friends and family. What’s more? If you have guests arriving at your home without informing, you still can manage to treat them a good breakfast/brunch by simply ordering chole bhature online. All you need to have is the official app of Sitaram Diwachand and a desire to taste something that makes your day!

Chole bhature is an excellent choice of dish regardless of what time of the day you get hungry. It is primarily because it packs the punch of a food that combines all the components of a complete diet. A plate of chole bhature is enough to keep you stuffed for long hours and it costs you reasonably.

As they say, an Indian can hardly stay away from food that screams “desi”. Sitaram Diwanchand knows exactly what our makers know very well. While there is no dearth of chole bhature joints in the nook and corners of Delhi, our chole bhature holds the age of unique tastes. Combining the goodness of cottage cheese and soft dough of all purpose flour, the foodies get bhature which leaves a lingering taste in their mouth. And now, we have also stepped up the game of wholesome diet with the inclusion of chilled lassi and delicious kulfi sticks of various flavors. Game on foodies!

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