Sitaram Diwanchand’s Path Breaking Legacy; The Journey Beyond Selling Crowd Favorite Chole Bhature

When Late Shri. Sitaram Diwanchand ji started off the challenging odyssey of selling the not so popular chole bhature back in the day, very little was known what the hard work would result in. Fast forward today, Sitaram Diwanchand has reached the pinnacles of every success as far mastering the art of delivering chole bhature, Delhi’s famous delhi food on a consistent basis. Not only are the chole bhatures loved and relished in Old Delhi, it has also become the talk of the town for the neighboring cities of the national capital as well.

But we also believe that success is a habit, which has to be maintained, and should not let anyone go complacent. Besides, Sitaram Diwanchand’s involvement is with the food industry, an industry that is always noted for subtle innovations. Therefore, we have upped the ante by following an objective of giving you an all-time meal package, which checks all the boxes. What sets us apart now is the addition of refreshing drinks and desserts to cool you off. That’s right. We now have the vastly known and largely underrated lassi to offer you. Believe us, it is all going to be as desi as it gets!

We also understand that the kids are also the admirers of food. Keeping their fondness for desserts in mind, we have included kulfi sticks in multiple flavors including the kid’s favorite pistachio and chocolate! Though they are sure to appeal the kids, we know for a fact that the grownups would not be too far behind in the queue to grab their kulfi sticks! With the days of summer getting longer and grueling, it is the perfect time to just sit out at your home and go for an online lunch order.

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