Sizzling Chole Bhature Followed By A Chilled Glass Of Lassi

Perhaps this would be one of the better love affairs than the ones involving vampires and wolves! And we are not even joking. The love of food in the heart of foodies is untraceable and yet very deep. Especially when they have a plate of chole bhature from our outlet to gorge on. We humbly take the pride of serving many repeat patrons of which many are from outside of the national capital. Such is the delight of chole bhature that it just keeps soaring in popularity in all parts of the country.

In Delhi, the famous street food in Delhi is synonymous with chole bhature. While the opinions can be divided on the types and the variety of food, it can be gauged that people look for a proper food which is most appetizing and can also double up as a maincourse food. Chole bhature, without a doubt, is that particular dish which checks these boxes. Moreover Sitaram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature does not like to keep you waiting. Hence, we have the online lunch order facility always up and kicking in our app.

A lot has been spoken of chole bhature being a little too hot to handle for a few ardent foodies. Well, worry not for we have ended this ellipsis with the inclusion of lassi in true blue desis style. Refreshing in taste and nutricious in properties, you won’t regret adding a glass of it in your food cart online. Moreover, lassi has long been associated with fun and frenzy. And if you are still looking for an option, you can get the kulfi which has a troika of flavors. Also, there is aam panna mix which is available round the year for every mango lover. Truly, it is this easy to silence your hunger pangs!

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