Taste And Hygiene At Its Finest For Your Favourite Food

The food we eat is not just there to be eaten for the sake of it. If it is not appealing to your tastebuds, it is simply called bland. And if good tasting food lacks the kind of hygiene which makes it fit for consumption then you are probably inviting trouble for your stomach and health in general. Hygiene is always a concern when it comes to street food in delhi. However, when you order food from Sitaram Diwan Chand, you can put all these concerns to rest. For we have the taste of street food and the hygiene of the highest level thereby giving you what you are truly looking for.

Chole bhature is a pleasure food and also very filling for every end of your stomach! Plus the choice of spices to make chole is most desi and does not compromise on the zestiness or that smack of flavor in every bite you take. The tasty affair starts with the serving of chole and what follows next takes the breath away; golden brown bhature that are not outrageously fried. Rather we offer tawa bhature which is more of a healthier option for people on weight watch and yet want to have a taste of this delicacy.

Presently, we are at a juncture wherein the online lunch order is at its high and so are the concerns of people regarding safety and hygiene. Rest assured, we have been in the task of making your food most hygienic not from now but from the time of inception. Each order you place is prepped, delivered after going through the necessary checks on hygiene and food safety. Our delivery executives are also constantly monitored for their health anomalies and keep tabs on each and every developments. With our food delivery app and contactless delivery, we ensure there is minimal room for any untoward occurrence.

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