Taste Up Your Celebrations: A Plate Of Mouthwatering Dish Is Here.

In a country as vast as India, the reason to celebrate is only a matter of one impulsive decision. More often than not millennial would like to have a great foodie gathering which brings the “Bro, where’s the party?” line to life. And there is always hunger that creeps in during the oddest of hours and makes you crave an online lunch order. If that is so, you are better off ordering a plate of chole bhature for each of your homies and enjoy the most appetizing food.

Why chole bhature? Because it is not only a homely food with the Indian taste full of spice nuances but chole bhature is also an obvious departure from the regular food and overrated Western cuisine counterparts. The dish is a curious case in itself and for a good reason. By the looks of it, it may be written off as a grossly oily food. In reality, Sitaram Diwanchand’s bhature are fried with the lowest possible amount of oil in use. This can also qualify as bhature which virtually steamed. The accompaniment in the form of chole is a spice blast to rev up your mood and not your stomach! Made with pure and intricate spice mixture, the preparation process is such that we utilize least of all the spices and yet it gives you the rich zesty taste. As bonus you get to eat to your heart’s content without being bothered of the thought of ugly tomorrow!

Marking a celebration and tossing up with a delicious food has always been the tradition in all parts of our country. So whether you have a small circle of friends coming over or a full strength staff at work to cater to, we are always around with our service. Be sure to mark your order in time!

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