Tasty Plate Of Chole Bhature For A Bone Chilling Weekend

In this bone chilling winter which tests your endurance to cold waves, a plan to step out of the house will always be put to rest. But again, it is not entirely possible to stay away from your favored and relished food, or is it? While food choice is very subjective, one would surely agree to the fact that chole bhature holds a special place amongst the conventional as well as the contemporary foodies who reach out to have every flavor of the season.

No wonder it is part of online lunch order even now. A plate of chole bhature is more like a bucket deal of excellent delicacies which is dished out all at once. To kill the chill of winters, you have the fluffy and hot bhature that oozes the steam and perfect texture which melts in your mouth when served fresh. And then comes the showstopper of sorts, the much fancied and raved chole or spiced chickpeas which that can literally fire up your taste buds to subside the coolness of the weather. Such taste gets even better when you can get the tanginess of pickle after a few bites here and there. Therefore, the overall taste factor gets higher and higher!

Chole bhature stalls are almost omnipresent in the nooks and corners of Delhi but how many of them are providing order lunch box online? The urge or the sheer laze which does not allow us to get out of the home from cozy comfort makes home delivery of chole bhature the best deal to get in this winter season. Sitaram Diwanchand has long been known as the best chole bhature makers in the Delhi’s food topography and in an effort to strengthen the customer-business relationship even further, we have been delivering food orders via online. What’s more? We have our own indigenous mobile app which ensures faster order placement and delivery without having to fall back on any other online food aggregators. Get your app now and order a plate of chole bhature before the hunger pangs leaves you frozen!

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