Tawa Bhature – The Healthy Food Innovated by Sitaram Diwanchand

The Indian foodies and their choice of food can always be a tale of ironies. Much as they love eating desi food with no compromise on taste, they are also seen crying foul about calories, fats and unhealthiness of the same. The best food in Delhi have been a healthy mix of all the goodies. Chole bhature is one such dish which never fails to satiate the taste buds. But as mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of sermons about eating clean and staying fit. And this is exactly where Sitaram Diwanchand’s Chole bhature spins a twist of taste by dishing out the tawa bhature; a first in the alleys of taste in Delhi.

As we know, tawa or frying pan is used for cooking many dishes on low oil. But in a first, our bhature are being prepped on the pan as opposed to deep-fried bhature smears sticky oil over your hands. Though our bhatures do go through the frying process, we try and extract the extra oil by heating them mildly on a frying pan. Not only is the taste intact, you also get fluffy bhature without the nagging excess oil.

Bhatures deep fried on oil pose serious health challenges any day especially the problems related to cholesterol levels. Add to that there is an ever looming risk of food poisoning if the bhatures are not fried in pure and fresh oil. As the pioneers of making the tastiest chole bhature in Delhi for over four decades, we have always put the best interests on health parameters right at the top. More than the taste and being a crowd favorite, we have set the standards of hygiene and innovation in taste which bears testimony to the loyalty of the foodies all across the capital and the cities nearby.

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