The Art Of Right Spices

Chole bhature is one of the more grounded dishes that have set its foothold as the famous street food in delhi. It is a delicacy which is loved by one and all for more reasons than one. So much so that some of them swear by having a plate of chole bhature everyday. This makes everyone’s curiosity grow even more. How can a dish which is said to be pretty heavy by some standards be so popular? The answer lies in the fact that the chole is cooked with as much perfection in use of spices as a baked Alaska that is baked in such a way that the ice cream does not ooze out.

All the comparative analogy aside, prepping chole looks easy but it is a very tricky task to ace. The prime reason is the selection of spices and the right method of cooking. Chickpeas or chole is boiled in a way that it is neither too soft nor too hard to bounce back. There is equal amount of time required to boil the chickpeas with the spices and its subsequent mix with the spices so the chickpeas soak them real well. Next come the gravy which has to be very consistent in texture so they can be served well with fried bhatures.

We do realize that it is a tough ask for many of you to mix the right art of spices to the dish but Sitaram Diwanchand has been doing it for decades with one clear view of making your appetite a merry one. The choice of spices is done after many findings over the years to give you the most balanced with a lingering effect. We consider this task as nothing less than a privilege as the food has to be right each time.

No more is Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature limited to the nearby vicinity. With the rise in demand for online lunch order, we can now be at your service right at your location. All you got to do is order from the Sitaram Diwanchand and receive your favorite chole bhature without breaking a sweat.

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