The Desi Delight Every Generation Cannot Get Enough Of

A delectable food is not just the one that satiates your hunger but it also brings the foodies of all age groups in harmony. Though there is no dearth of food and range of tastes that are available in our country including in the national capital, there are some things that are best enjoyed at the heart and soul of it. One such famous street food is chole bhature which has been doing wonders to the food circuit of Delhi and also giving the taste of authentic Indian food with a Punjabi dose of spices and flavouring.

What this dish has done so successfully is blend the old school flavours and some contemporary refinements. If innovation is the word then Sitaram Diwanchand has to be one name which is best at bringing the same for chole bhature. The iconic place to have chole bhature has been famous for decades and it has only swelled in popularity. A tasty delight of fried flattened bread with the gorgeous looking chickpeas loaded with spices has rung a bell in the minds of millennial as well. More so because it is one of the more affordable street food options in terms of money spent. At Sitaram Diwanchand, the question of food hygiene does not arise due to the high standards maintained all throughout the process of making and delivering the online lunch order.

The sheer delight of having food which is closer to home is immense. And that is what a plate of chole bhature does when the varied taste coupled with the intricacies of spices get in action in your mouth. Food is one thing which should not keep you waiting and vice versa. So, it is time you enjoyed the tasted chole bhature with your elder parents or younger parents. Since summers are on, add a glass of cool lassi to the cart.

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