The Die-Hard Fandom Of Chole Bhature

We assume that you are such a huge fan of chhole bhature that your heart melts every time you see those fluffy and crispy bhature come out of a wok full of oil. And even the most talked, hyped large, double-cheese, cheese burst pizza is nowhere close to the chole bhature which makes you drool, right? If these boxes check for you, there is a high chance that you like to have chole bhature as online lunch order. It is totally understandable as many believe that every other dish in this world falls short of whatever chhole bhature has to offer. There is the crunch of bhature’s topmost layer followed by a soft layer. And finally there is zest chole which is a blast of taste to say the least. As for the destination where you can find the best chole bhature in the city, there is no debate that people will vote for Sita Ram Diwan Chand unanimously. To tell the truth the real taste or even the best place to serve chole bhature has always been a cart or outlet which knows what it take to make delicious plates of chhole bhature. In addition, the food has to be pocket friendly as well and this is what makes us a chole bhature shop with a difference.

For generations we have been the servers of chole bhature which has the taste most bespoken to the Delhi taste buds. Keeping in mind both adventurous as well the conservative foodies, we have kept the flavors evenly balanced. A precise reason why we are still in contention for being the best food in Delhi. We know for a fact that hunger is hard to ignore and satiating the same with some below par dishes would only act as spoilsport. Hence we always toss a very delectable food option which blows your mind away!

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