The four-for of food

How often do you get a combo in the street food in delhi which is having all the tasty items you crave. Very few, right? Some lack the taste which hits the taste buds hard and the others are simply lack a beverage. With Sitaram Diwan Chand’s perfect combo of food and refreshment, you are going to sit pretty and have the quintessential hot and cold fooding experience. It all starts with the fully loaded, piping hot chole and an equally hot bhature which too soft to be put an effort on. Once the combination kicks in, you get the most divine taste which make you crave more.

Chole bhature is one of the most sought after food for online lunch order and hence there is always a rush of people either placing their order online or reach for it at our outlet. For long, there was something of a missing link in the chole bhature servings and people too were left for asking something more. That is when the idea of serving cold beverage hit our mind. And again, the task was still the same; bring the desi essence to the combo to its fullest. The obvious choice was lassi and unsurprisingly, it hit the right chords.

Chole bhature with a glass of cold lassi by the side completes the food fusion in the most impeccable manner. Once you feel that the food is too good to have in a jiffy, just grab your glass of lassi and get a few sips. This makes your eating experience even more satitating. Besides, what is the point of stepping out to fetch something to drink when you have the combinationn right up for grabs. With lassi, there is also the option to have kulfi sticks and both can be added to your online lunch order as well. So, the next time you are in for a full-blown meal, you know what to order!

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