The Fried Delicacy For The Friends Who Like To Have The Food Fun

We define friendship as bonds that last for a lifetime despite all the odds. If the friendship is the one that involves meeting only once a year, the longing is truly understood. This is also the time when you look for a place to go out and catch some food while having a conversation. If your friend is a foodie, you are better off finding the famous Delhi food to help him/her rest his taste buds. One such food to consider has to be chole bhature from Sitaram Diwan Chand. Regardless of what time of the day, you plan to hang out, our chole bhature is sure to spice your conversation involving lots of walk down the memory lane.

Chole bhature is a dish which has a bond with the foodies no less than a friendship. Ever since it has been in service at our cart back in the 70’s, our chole bhature struck an instant chord with the ardent foodies then and also the ones which are now known as millenials. Like many journeys in life, we too have had moment of glory and setbacks just like most of the friends do amongst themselves.

Yet we have managed to keep this journey of love for food relevant even in the age where foodies turn to the West for what they call “food innovation”. In fact, we have people of all ages admiring our chole bhature for the authentic taste it is loaded with. The recipe is rather simple; to integrate as many authentic spices to the chole as possible and make the bhature soft as they melt in your mouth. And if you and your friend/s are those laid back lot who want to have the food to be served right in front of you, all you got to do is order food online.

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