The Incredible Dish Offered Round The Year

The winter season is held dearly by a lot of us as it gives up reprieve from the challenging summers. It is also the time when one can grab a bite or two of the famous street food delhi. While some dishes are seasonal, the delicious chole bhature is available round the year. But the sheer joy of eating them in winters is a different level of joy altogether. As the oldest outlet serving delectable chole bhature for the last four decades, Sitaram Diwan Chand surely knows what the passion among the foodies is like to have their plate of chole bhature.

The freezing cold of national capital leaves a lot of people tattering and others just do not like the idea of eating food which is not served hot. Thus chole bhature becomes an obvious choice for breakfast or even for an online lunch order. It is without a doubt the quintessential food of North India which has become a stellar hit all over India. What makes a plate of good chole bhature. Firstly, you have to have the choles prepared with a mix of all the fine ground spices which add the most intricate flavours and create a fusion of zesty, fiery and rich taste for the gravy. The chickpeas too are boiled just enough to keep them keep them in shape and yet soft enough to melt in your mouth. Secondly, the bhatures need to flaunt their signature golden brown colour and must be fluffy. Nothing beats the satisfaction of dipping the soft bhature in the chole gravy and that is why we make sure that your tasty affair continues to soar in winters too.

Sitaram Diwan Chand literally has their tails up in this festive season with more people opting for online lunch order. So let the celebration begin without much of forethought!

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