The Longing Is Finally Over And How!

The last two months have been nothing but a test of patience, emotions and tenacity of each and every one of us. Much as we all did our best to fight back against the COVID19, it is also the time that a new normal protocol was set. After all, everything is supposed to start over including the love of foodies for the famous street food in Delhi. And we all know for a fact that it is a plate of chole bhature which is the unopposed owner of this moniker.

The longing for chole bhature has been longer than ever and we at Sitaram Diwan Chand know this for certain. The aroma of simmering chole and the swollen bhature were a combo of delight that you had missed in your online lunch order for this long. There are few things more pleasurable than seeing your favourite food getting delivered to you on time. And if you are one of those craving, the wait is finally over. In all good faith, things will be starting over for good with regard to us being able to deliver your online lunch order. Moreover, we have always been promoters of quality food and hygiene. So now, our resolve to achieve these two goals have gone up even higher.

We all have been struggling some way or the other in these times and our heart goes out to those who saw the worst of times. Now, it is time to bounce back and start an endeavour which is not only about food and foodies in essence. Rather, it shall exhibit the undaunted spirit of one and all to face the untoward and the unforeseen. Let us embark on a food journey which reinstated faith and confidence to enjoy food and life even more.

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