The Love For Chole Bhature Knows No Bounds

Love is not attached to someone special alone. We are from a country where the emotion of love is reflected in the choice and loyalty of various dishes. In spite of a cosmos of food that we have for us to choose from, some famous street food in Delhi are too tempting and continue to get us hooked almost all the time. If you are from the national capital, there is no way you can shy away from a plate of chole bhature. That’s right, the dish which has all the flavours for a wish!

Few can match the love for chole bhature and when it comes straight out of the kitchen of Sitaram Diwan Chand, it is something that transcends to a bond. A bond which has been in place for the last four decades; What has also been heartening to see is that the love for chole bhature remains the same for old and the youth alike. The chole bhature we serve has also come a long way .From following the traditional suit to the popular demand of cottage stuffing in recent times, we have happily obliged to them all!

The tasty chole bhature is there for you almost round the clock. However, the reach to the people is getting somewhat less due to the obvious crisis that we are facing. Nevertheless, we are making sure that you are not denied of the taste as we are doing the best to get you the chole bhature with online lunch order. Rest assured, we are maintaining the best quality and safety standards so the food reaches on time and gets delivered to you in the most secure manner. Don’t let the love for get mundane or bland. So keep the hunger and the love for food alive!

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