The Most Loved Food Platter Is Now Available Pan India

So we all know the undisputed popularity of chole bhature which has become synonymous with every foodie in all parts of the country. It is no surprise to find people singing praises of the chole bhature to the point that they do not even mind having the same regardless of the time of the day. Though the availability of chole bhature in several places in India has gone up, the search for the best food in Delhi is still on. For Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s chole bhature continues to be the unmatched makers of finest chole bhature.

Taking cue of the popularity and continued affinity of our foodies, we have launched the option of online lunch order on Pan India basis. That’s right, our chole bhature is now available in major cities of India other than the national capital wherein the tasty journey of Sitaram Diwan Chand had begun. Years have come and gone and yet we are still going strong! Because we know how strongly a foodie feels for his freshly fried bhature with the delicious chole which melts into the mouth with ridiculous ease. Such food is better off served to people than let them craving from a distance.

Sita Ram Diwan Chand has always been an innovator when it comes to the offerings. Starting off from chole bhature that we have churning out to four decades to the more latest additions like kulfi stick, lassi and shikanji as cool refreshing drinks, we have always looked to diversify the foodie’s platter. Hence the idea of now being omnipresent in India’s foodie landscape is another step to the same direction which shall help us galvanize the already strong bond we share with the lovers of chole bhature, who show up every time with the same zeal to satiate their hunger for chole bhature.

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