The Recipe For The Ultimate Taste For Every Foodie

To describe chole bhature only by its name is a distortion and even an understatement to say the least. It is actually a wonder meal composed of a piping bowl of chickpeas spiced to perfection with a side of onions and green chillies, and fluffy bhature. This is one heck of a taste bomb which is sure to set off in your taste buds every single time. If you already are already drooling over the mere mention of chole bhature, you surely are foodie who won’t spare a chance to have the best food in Delhi at the drop of a hat!

Be it the vehement heat, the sudden downpour in the rainy season or the freezing cold in the last fold of the year, a plate of chole bhature turns out to be the most versatile dish every single time. The very sight of a searing bhature with its classic golden brown texture is enough to make anyone salivate. If the taste and the deal was not delicious already, there comes the centerpiece of the dish; a plate of sizzling chole which is flavored with the choicest of spices.

Now, the question which must be popping in your mind; where do you get this famous delhi food? While there may be a plethora of food outlets which sell chole bhature, there are a very few which can be in the ranks of Sitaram Diwanchand’s chole bhature. What started as merely a plate of chole bhature has now been identified as the real taste of Delhi all thanks to the sincere efforts of Sitaram Diwanchand Ji. A humble food cart’s genesis took all the jolts and setbacks to rise as one of the most loved place to have chole bhature round the year. It is this journey of love and trust built over the years which makes eating out and even the online lunch order something worth savory and memorable.

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