The Small Food Cart That Made Inroads To The Food Map Of Delhi

Perhaps this is how we can document the journey of Sitaram Diwanchand’s famous chole bhature which has turned out to be an iconic food joint in the national capital. More than a “rags to riches” story, it is the perfect example of persistence fueled by passion that made the Pran Nath Kohli ji (present) led eatery to its present heights of success. Big announcements, eye-catching innovations in food and décor, and a flurry of claims continue to woo the foodies round the year. And yet there are a handful of joints like Sitaram Diwanchand which is still rated the best for street food in delhi.

It is a cakewalk today, and it was not a very easy business to succeed from back in the day either. Chole bhature, a dish comprising of fried flattened bread made of all purpose flour and spiced chickpeas is a staple of sorts in every household. Yet late Sitaram Diwanchand ji took the plunge of making the home dish a crowd favorite in the alleys of DAV school in the 70’s. With the availability of the same food at home, there was every bit of a possibility that the business plan could have backfired. But the chole bhature of Sitaram was something truly different. It mastered the art of making chole which has right amount of spices and taste that does not become too fiery to the taste buds.

Add to that the wonderful addition of grated paneer which only sweetens the deal for the people who throng the eatery. With due course of time, the joint has risen in such popularity that we see a common factor among many foodies out here. As a city, Delhi is vast and its taste and choices for food is heavily diversified. In spite of such high stakes, Sitaram Diwanchand has sustained itself as the top ranked and widely loved joint for chole bhature. A feat worth taking pride of!

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