The Traditional Food With World Class Taste

The values of tradition and values have always been present in our social fabric. It is the very sense of our traditions which makes us filled with humility. The same can be said a lot about the Indian cuisine which has stayed to its roots and yet has also managed to craft innovation from time to time. This is what paves way for the best food in delhi that can win the hearts. And whenever we mention of the heart winning dish, Sitaram Diwanchad’s famous chole bhature has always walked away with accolades.

Chole bhature is the traditional dish in most parts of the India and it has truly been traditional in all aspects. Whether it is the procedure of preparation, the servings and even the manner in which it is served; the look and feel is all but desi! As a result, it has always struck a chord among generations of foodies who like to eat this Indian delicacy without any fuss or complaint. The first thing which captivates your attention is the zesty chole served in a bowl. The chole that we prepare at Sitaram Diwanchand is always cooked to perfection in regards to the consistency in texture, taste and the amount of boiling for the chickpeas.

Then comes the bhature, the cornerstone of the dish, the flattened bread whose very appearance could make or break the entire dish. The reason is that many outlets or even small food carts end up under-frying the bhature which could make them look either too soggy or fried to death. With our years or rather decades of expertise, we hardly leave any room for such slip-ups. As a result, you get the same shape and taste for the bhature which literally melts in your mouth.

Indian food is celebrated worldwide for its taste. The familiarity level is such that even the visiting tourists of different nationalities never miss a chance to try out chole bhature. What has truly been remarkable is the fact that Sitaram Diwanchand has carved an enviable niche for itself among the foodie quartet. The bond which has been created despite the geographical boundaries and variations is getting stronger and inter wined into a long-term association. So we guess it is a win-win for all! Therefore, the next time you are in the mood for good food, head out to tour restaurant.

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