The Wealth Of Food

As we celebrate the day when we adore and worship the god of wealth, let us not forget that the food we eat is indispensable as well. And there is no harm in getting a headstart a little earlier than others. Moreover, the love for food does not abide by any time. Almost everyday is ideal for having some lip-smacking famous street food delhi. Even after having some of the snacks, there is an aching to have some wholesome. Since festivities are around the corner, the mundane food just does not cut the deal.

Relax! We have you covered since chole bhature, in all likelihood is going to be an online lunch order in most of the household. And the best part is that we, at Sitaram Diwan Chand give you the assurance of the safest possibly delivery by following the best safety standards. Your food shall not only be tasty but also safe to consume.

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic which is showing an upward spiral again, the safety measures put in place by us has been doubled. As such each and every corner of our kitchen area is well sanitized and the delivery boys have been revised of the social distancing protocols.

That being said let us move a step ahead and welcome the festival of lights and the god of wealth to enhance our prosperity. More often than not we kind of let go of the importance of wealth of food. So now is the time when you renew your love for food as well as treat it as wealth which must be preserved and respected.

Chole bhature is a pleasure dish for many of us and now is the time when we celebrate the occasion with the dash of famous street food delhi!

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