Things To Look For In A Plate Of Chole Bhature

Agreed that chole bhature is just a dish and you need not go nitpicky about it. But if you have someone claiming to give you the taste of best food in Delhi, you are better off having a closer look at it. Since we know for a fact that chole bhature is a populist food choice, there are hordes of people queuing up. Equal or more is the number of outlets and makeshift carts which serve chole bhature. But there are few obvious pointers to having the most delicious chole bhature.

First things first, the bhature or the flattened bread/tortilla which is eventually fried should be made of a well knead dough of all purpose flour. Such should be the consistency that the dough is as smooth as a lump of cotton. Literally! This can make the process of making the bread into perfect circle with a rolling pin much easier. Next is the color tone of the bhature. And we cannot be clearer in our tone when we say the color has to be golden brown! And finally when you have your first bite, it should be silky smooth.

As for chole or the spiced chickpeas, this has to be an amalgamation of the finest spices. To add the real spark to the fluffy bhature, the chole has to be anything but on point. The chole’s gravy has to be succulent and yet mildly fiery. This gives the desired texture in the preparation. In order to get such finesse, the entire process starting from boiling the chickpeas to the final seasoning has to be on time. Finally, you need some savory additions like tangy salad made of onions and spiced chilly. After all every bite of chole bhature needs to be spiced up even more.

So there you have it. Your very own checklist for the perfect chole bhature!

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