Thrive On Proven Taste And Prosperity Of Wealth

Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali officially. The festival of lights is symbolic as well as fun filled with lots of foodies gathering at the same spot! So there is no point in being a couch potato and let those wonderful moments slip away. Much as we pray the god of wealth for bringing financial property, this year would also be one wherein we would be praying for normalcy. With that in mind, one can also take a lot of heart from the fact online lunch order is very much functional for one and all.

Festival is traditionally ruled by desserts but is it not time we also add more of the desi spice in this festive mood to make our taste buds enjoy a holistic dish? And talking about holistic dish, a plate of chole bhature can hardly be rivalled. The reason is pretty simple. The dish is loaded with all the flavourful food items and it is insanely filling. First comes the delight of tearing up the bhature and next comes the process of dipping them in the thick gravy of chole. Bam! There is literally a cracker of a taste you get to experience.

For many decades, we have seen a lot of ups and downs and yet nothing comes close to the extraordinary situation we all had to battle with this whole time. However, we have always been capable of fighting the woes and we are known to overcome challenges. And what can be a better way than winning them with some of the most celebrated and tasty dishes. Besides chole bhature, there is always an option to add your favourite refreshment if you are planning to challenge the onset of winters! Whatever is the reason, let this season of festival shine bright!

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