Use The Smart Way To Order Your Plate Of Chole Bhature

Chole bhature is the most loved dish among all the famous street food in delhi. People are absolutely game to grab a plate of delicious chole made with thick gravy and spices infused in it. While others go gaga about the soft bhature getting served in their plate. There is something about chole bhature which people do not want to miss out on; be it the taste, availability or that “feel good” factor which stays in mouth for a long period time.

All said and done, there is something one must never be very callous about when it is an online lunch order. That is of couse safe delivery. Right from the start of this year there has been a lot of clamour about badly the food industry has been hit and whether or not it is anymore safer to consume them. While the concerns are very much justified, we at Sitaram Diwan Chand’s would certainly like to reaffirm the fact that your favourtie chole bhature of more than four decades is safe to consume. All you got to do is go for the smart way. We more than welcome you to our outlet amidst the ease in lockdown restrictions but we would also like you to use the online delivery services to the most of its potential.

It is all but clear that life has to move on and people are showing great amount of grit and determination. However, it must also be kept in mind that we are still in the delicate phase and one must exercise maximum caution. No wonder you love to indulge in chole bhature bingeing and we too love serving them. What you simply need to do is opt for online lunch order and see the delight of food coming staright to your home. We reiterate; your food is safe, hygienic and secure with us. So hop on!

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